Raúl “El Negro” Lavié

As mentioned before on the preceding pages, Raúl Lavié is probably the most important, prominent San Telmo’s tango musician in the world, especially in Argentina these days. During

Iconic Figures in San Telmo

As mentioned in the previous page, there is this traditional writing technique that originated in San Telmo known as Buenos Aires Steak. This particular writing style and font

San Telmo and Piazzolla

There was a little boy called Astor Piazzolla who was the only son of a couple of Italian immigrants that lived in Mar del Plata, a coastal city of

The Spirit of San Telmo

Astor Piazzolla definitely took tango music to a whole new and more complex level. He introduced many new harmonic and rhythmic structures taken from classical music and even

Pioneers in Tango Styles

In recent times, San Telmo has become very popular among the tourists due to not only being the birthplace of tango music, but also home to many other