Here’s Why You Should Turn Off Your Phone While On Vacation

Do you ever feel stressed or have some issues concentrating about a project or task you have to do? Then it is time to turn off your phone. Research has proven, that the notifications on your phone can increase your stress levels and anxiety. Every time your phone receives a notification and you react on it, while doing a task or trying to concentrate on something else, it can cause an increase in stress levels. This is because you are forcing your mind to switch to something else than what you are currently doing. This is a huge problem for many people, because they are addicted to their phones.

shutterstock_129038348How to handle it?

I was addicted to my phone as well and had many issues connected with it. Some of these issues were an increase in stress levels and anxiety. I never thought, that it was the phone, that was the reason behind all my issues both in and out of my job. I started to turn it off. I would have never thought it would actually help. However, in the end, it has helped me a lot. This gave me the opportunity to build my website without any distractions. The website is “” and I am happy, that I could finally put my mind fully to it.

So how do I feel today?

Today I feel so different. I love the peacefulness, that turning my phone off for some hours provides. This is something everyone can learn. It is important to understand, that it can be beneficial for you. When I go to work and sit at the office, I turn my phone off. I told my colleagues to contact me through email or instant messengers if it is necessary. Being disconnected from my phone made a huge change in my life. This really helped me improve my work and decrease any kind of stress I might have had before!