Pioneers in Tango Styles

In recent times, San Telmo has become very popular among the tourists due to not only being the birthplace of tango music, but also home to many other cultural movements in Rio de la Plata region, such as candombe music, plastic arts, download-47newer currents of philosophy, etc. Tango continued its journey forward, and started being mixed with other genres and musicians started using new instruments and other innovative elements. Such a thing would have been short of unthinkable only a few years ago. However, new musical movements such as electronic tango, also referred to as “New Tango”, or “Tango Dance”, started coming to the forefront, drawing much attention from music critics and taking up a lot of space in the international music scene.

The main novelty of this new era of tango is the incorporation of synthesizers, samples to the traditional structure of the music genre. As mentioned before, electronic tango started being widely acclaimed internationally, especially in Europe and US. Often, new, experimental fusions of different styles are subject to criticism and praise. For some people, this development is healthy as it puts tango music once again back in the eye of the storm, especially among the young public. Otherwise, tango might have remained as a forgotten type of music (at least for the younger or coming generations) that only nostalgic people might listen to.

Of course, electronic music has had a profound effect in the essence of tango and the people of San Telmo. That is why traditional tango musicians, dancers and fans might complain about it, claiming that this new type of music is not really tango. One such claim commonly heard is that it is just electronic music with a bit of bandoneon accompaniment or instrumentation. In the next page, we will discuss electronic tango further.