Raúl “El Negro” Lavié

As mentioned before on the preceding pages, Raúl Lavié is probably the most important, prominent San Telmo’s tango musician in the world, especially in Argentina these days. Dtango-in-san-telmouring a world tour in the year 2000, Raúl Lavié performed at several concert halls, theaters and arenas in the US and received another nomination for the Tony award. He was named distinguished visitor in various cities in the US, like Los Angeles, and in the world, like in Tokyo, Japan. He even recorded the anthem of world famous Argentinian football club Boca Juniors. El Negro Lavié was featured in over 30 theater plays, in musicals, soap operas and over 17 films. He starred, among others, in Hello, Dolly! (Musical) and Man of La Mancha and Zorba the Greek.

In addition to this long list of career feats, he starred in one of the most internationally acclaimed Argentine musicals in the recent years, recreated all over the world, namely, Tango Argentino, written by Claudio Segovia and Hector Orezolli. In Argentina alone, he recorded with major orchestras conducted by maestros such as Hector Varela, Angel D’Agostino, a Hector Stamponi, Osvaldo Piro, Osvaldo Fresedo and Horacio Salgán, among many other internationally acclaimed orchestra conductors.

Personal Life

He was married to one of the most respected, smartest and prettiest journalists of the 60s decade, Pinky Satragno, with whom he had two children, Leo and Gastón, who would later on form electronic tango band Ultratango.


  • Historias de amor, de locura y de muerte (’96)
  • La ciudad oculta (’89)
  • Los gatos (Prostitución de alto nivel) (’85)
  • Abierto día y noche (’81)
  • La conquista del paraíso (’80)
  • El fantástico mundo de la María Montiel (’78)
  • Solamente ella (’75)
  • El muerto (’75)
  • El Pibe Cabeza (’75)
  • Los gauchos judíos (’74)
  • Boquitas pintadas (’74)
  • Yo gané el prode… y Ud.? (’73)
  • La gran ruta (’71)
  • Un guapo del 900 (’71)
  • Ritmo, amor y juventud (’66)
  • Escala musical (’66)
  • Muchachos impacientes (’65)
  • Club del Clan (’64)