San Telmo and Piazzolla

There was a little boy callp01bqlksed Astor Piazzolla who was the only son of a couple of Italian immigrants that lived in Mar del Plata, a coastal city of Buenos Aires. This kid was gifted with a unique talent, determination and temper. When he was only nine years old, his father bought him a second hand bandoneon and they moved to San Telmo because he got a scholarship to study classical music. In this city, he came into contact with the popular music of his country, listening to the big names of the musical scene at the time, such as Anibal Troilo; one of the most popular musicians within this genre. Many point out to this time as the beginning of a whole new era in tango music.

A mere few years later, this kid turned out to be a revelation in the music scene, mixing his personal talent with hard work and classical studies, but with a big passion for tango music. After studying only for one year, he recorded his first song named Marionette Spagnol. It was not released or sold and it is believed to have been recorded in a studio in the city of New York, given that the label has an address where there used to be a radio and a studio in the American city, where he had moved with his family in the November of the year 1931.

He continued his classical study, playing the bandoneon and mixing it up with a more formal, perhaps even technical style, given his classical education. He studied in New York City with teachers from Argentina such as composer Alberto Ginastera and many other recognized musicians from his country. At the age of seventeen, he and his family returned to Argentina giving way to the beginning of a very successful career.