The Black Widow of San Telmo

Martin Murano is 50 years old and the only son of Yiya Murano, the infamous criminal of San Telmo who has been charged guilty of poisoning at least 5 people to death. Her real name was (or is) Maria de las Mercedes Aponte Bolla Murano.

It was on April 27 in the fileaccesshandleryear of 1979, the day an activist by the name Ubaldini led the first massive strike to protest against the current dictatorship that had been ruling Argentina for a few years, as well as against the many kidnappings, tortures and killings that had taken place under this tyrant regime. A group of police officers arrived at the apartment of Aponte Bolla Murano, in the corner of the streets of Mexico and Salta, in the heart of the traditional porteño neighborhood of San Telmo. Yiya Murano was arrested and placed into custody, under the close attention of media. She was documented to have gotten out of her apartment and into the police car wearing a fur coat and elegant shoes. The only request she had was for a moment to look in the mirror.

Martin recalls that it was a Wednesday night in San Telmo and that he was 13 years old: “We were with my dad (Antonio Murano, an attorney at law), and Ignacia, who was the woman who worked at home and was the one who raised me. My dad thought it was all a mistake, but I had always suspected that there was something off. I had grown up hearing Yiya Murano talking about US dollars my whole life so I thought it possible that she had cheated or robbed someone. Several days later, we found out that indeed, she had killed 3 of her “high society” friends and some other people in order to get their money.