Ultratango & the Satragno Brothers

Pioneers in this type of electronic tango music are groups or bands of the likes of Ultratango (created by the Satragno Bros., emblematic characters in the Buenos Aires underground music scene), Bajo Fondo Tango Club, Gothan Project, Narcotango, Tanghetto, etc. The Satragno brothers started their career with an electronic music project baptized “El Signo”, back in the year 1986. The band members are conultratango-fotosidered pioneers within the electronic music scene of the city of Buenos Aires.

As mentioned before, El Signo was given birth in the year 1986, following Leo Satragno and Fernando Hortal’s (aka Bahiano, who would later be the front man of the internationally popular Argentinian Reggae and SKA band Los Pericos, which also started in San Telmo) initiative. Soon after, they incorporated to the band Leo’s little brother, Gastón Satragno. The band members have changed over the years, but the Satragno bros. are still touring and playing all over Argentina and other countries. They are particularly popular in the legendary Porteño neighborhoods like Palermo and San Telmo. Other members of Los Pericos also were a part of El Signo.

After a long period of experimentation mixing tango with electronic music, Leo and Gastón Satragno decided to finally form a band that would immerse completely in this style, thus giving birth to Ultratango, a band which has a very unique identity and that performs spectacular live shows. It was no coincidence that the Satragno brothers had a natural knack for tango music, since their father is none other than Raúl Lavié, one of the most prominent contemporary tango singers in Argentina.

The style of Ultratango reflects in an accurate way the typical life of an urban area such as San Telmo, as a part of a bigger context in a cosmopolitan city such as Buenos Aires. In June of the year 2002, Ultratango played live for the very first time at the “Festival International Astor Piazzolla”.